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Pictures from Bouchercon 2016

Susan Bickford, Nancy Raven Smith and Marla Cooper at Bouchercon 2016

Brad Smith, Nancy Raven Smith and Lynn Raven at Bouchercon 2016     Nancy and Lisa Bouchercon 2016 Booksigning

Nancy Raven Smith and Harlan Coben at Bouchercon 2016


Land Sharks - A Swindle in Sumatra

An Amazon/Kindle Scout Selection!

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In Land Sharks – A Swindle in Sumatra, a bank fraud investigator goes undercover in Sumatra to find a young heiress who may or may not have been kidnapped. Her job might be easier if she didn't have to deal with her boss's untrained son who has a crush on her and the unexpected appearance of an ex-boyfriend who's a con man with his own secret agenda.

Mystery/Romantic Suspense


The Reluctant Farmer of Whimsey Hill

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The Reluctant Farmer is a true, light-hearted love story between more than a man and a woman. Imagine Marley and Me, not with one pesky dog, but with a farm full of quirky animals. The narrative follows Brad's fish-out-of-water point of view. He's a twenty-five- year-old, animal-phobic, computer nerd from the city who moves to a rural  farm in Virginia with his new, animal-loving bride. There he's propelled on a journey of self discovery as his bride’s crazy animals teach him about life and love - the hard way. Whether chasing a steer named Pork Chop through the woods with a lasso, trying unsuccessfully to apply his robotics experience to managing a stable, or being covered in mud by a show horse nicknamed Junior, Brad is in over his head with the animals. Can his marriage possibly survive?


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